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Article V is a None Concern for the Second Amendment

Published in Blog on May 07, 2024 by William J Stanney

Our founding fathers knew that one day the federal bureaucracy would get so large that it would overreach the constitutional boundaries they designed under Article V.

Article V of the U.S. Constitution provides two methods by which the nation’s founding document may be amended. Two-thirds of the states pass an Article V application worded the same or Two-thirds vote by both houses of Congress ratified by the states.  

I have been a volunteer for the Massachusetts convention since 2017. I am a firearm safety instructor and make Convention of States literature available in my after-class mailing. 

Many advocates of the Second Amendment have questions about the convention being used to remove the Second Amendment. My answer to this is the right to bear arms is a very complicated question. However, Two-thirds of the states would have to pass a convention worded the same. This will never happen. Our founding fathers thought this through completely. Also, it would have to be ratified by each and every state by being added on as a ballot question. Once again it would never happen. What we do believe in is term limits on Congress and Fiscal responsibility by adding controls to the executive branch on misuse of funds. 

The Supreme Court has continually upheld the individual rights to firearm use for all lawful purposes as well as personal defense both inside and outside the home. Recently the Bruan decision once again upheld the right to personal defense outside of the home.

The Second Amendment helps protect other constitutional rights. Our founding fathers felt this was so important they made it the Second Amendment and added it to the Bill of Rights in December 1789. Joint Resolution of Congress proposing the amendments. Ten of the proposed 12 amendments were ratified by three-fourths of the state legislatures on December 15, 1791.

The convention of States has Article V amendments for term limits on Congress. By adding term limits, we decrease the possibility of corruption in Washington. We also have fiscal responsibility for the federal executive branch. With fiscal responsibility, we will decrease our tax dollars wasted. Many times this ends up in the pockets or campaign accounts of our public servants. Our founding fathers intended people to serve for a short time and return to private life. Many politicians today are in office for a lifetime increasing the possibility of corruption, a point well proven in the last few years.

Many states have passed or attempted to pass laws that limit citizens' Second Amendment rights post Bruen Supreme Court decision. We have witnessed this in Massachusetts with recent bills in both houses.  In order to combat this on a federal level, like packing the Supreme Court, we need the Convention of States to keep America on the right track for our children and grandchildren.  

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