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Are You on the Right Side of History?

Published in Blog on November 30, 2022 by Ralph Palumbo

Are you being led with the POWER of ideas?

            Or are governmental bullies FORCING you to do things that don't make sense?

Are the policies of the authorities resulting in EQUALITY of individuals?

            Or are some people / some groups being treated as though they have more value than others?

Are the authorities giving you the TRUTH?

            Or are you being told LIES - including nonsensical flip-flops?

Are these same authorities TRUSTING you to run your own life – like an adult?

            Or are you being told how to live – as though you were an UNTRUSTWORTHY evil child?

Is your life and that of your family moving toward more STRENGTH /HEALTH / WEALTH / HAPPINESS?

            Or do you find your lives heading in the OPPOSITE direction?

Is GIVING a concern of yours or are you striving to keep others from TAKING from you? Are you confident enough of your potential success to SHARE with others?

            Or are you so concerned that you KEEP more for yourself and your family than usual?

Are the authorities KEEPING to the wonderful principles in the best document in human history?

            Or are the coercers REFUSING to follow any part of the Constitution?

Are the same authorities ALLOWING you to obey laws without negative consequence?

            Or are the coercers okay with PUNISHING you – just for telling the truth?

Is a future of GOODNESS driving your actions or are you being motivated by FEAR? Will the future contain more good and less bad behavior because of appropriate incentives?

            Or are you seeing failure rewarded and success punished by those in force?

If you are able to commit positively to the first half of these answers, then you and your country are on a good path – the RIGHT side of history. You are moving towards goodness, rightness, equality.

However, if most of your answers are on the second half, then your authorities are moving everyone back towards the Dark Ages when all forms of slavery prevailed. This movement is called 'progressivism'. Historically, the authoritarian message was, “We will kill you for telling the truth.” And every manner of wrongness, ANYTHING they did – all had to accept – regardless how evil. In other words, this option was and is now on the wrong side of history.

Would you like to get on the right side of history? Article V of the US Constitution is the solution for saving our Republic. Go to to find out how you can make a POSITIVE difference.

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