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Alabama Call to Action

Published in Blog on July 17, 2017 by Convention Of States Project

Note: Only citizens of Alabama need respond to this call to action.

Today (Monday, May 4th) our Application HJR112 has passed the House and is in the Senate Rules Committee. What happens next is up to you.

Alabama could have been the first state to take up the mantle left to them by our great founders; instead, that honor went to Georgia last year, followed by Florida, and Alaska. That mantle is the tool left specifically to the states in Article V of the United States Constitution that permits the states to go COMPLETELY AROUND CONGRESS and propose amendments to the Constitution to rein in a power drunk, tyrannical federal government. Our Legislators are getting all the fear mongering and lies from the hand wringers and pants-wetters out there right now.  They need your common sense opinions and backing to ignore that nonsense and step up to the plate to join with the other states that have passed this resolution to save our country.

The TIME IS NOW to take positive action. We do not have a one-sided, narrow-minded or partisan cause. All Alabamians: Republicans, Democrats and Independents can see the Federal Government has declared a War on Coal, Marriage, and our children’s futures. What should you tell the staffer or Senator when you call? Of course, ask them to support HJR112, but also tell them why. If you’re not sure of the facts, listen to the head of the Convention of States Project, Michael Farris, testify in Louisiana.

If you don’t know who Michael Farris is, this link will take you to his short bio page, the Link I want you to watch is this one, the Louisiana House Governmental Affairs Committee. Great stuff here for sharpening your skills plus he answers the most frequent opposition questions. BTW the Committee passed the Resolution 6-3. To save you some time here are the time stamps in the Louisiana video.

Points of interest in the video:

  • 3:20 EPA’s War on Coal
  • 4:25 Who should make our Laws elected officials or the EPA?
  • 4:50 and 11:49 Why and how we have Mandates – the hypocrisy of the Supreme Court is amazing (SC v Dole)
  • 5:42 Why would we expect the Federal Government to follow an Amended Constitution if they are not following it now?
  • 6:30 The Supreme Court Gets things wrong all the time and the people have reversed them.
  • 7:12 This is the only way to Save This Country
  • 7:30 The Runaway we need to fear
  • 9:00 If you Constitutionally limit the Federal Government with a Balanced Budget how will emergencies be handled?
  • 10:25 How the Supreme Court’s mistakes get fixed
  • 12:45 Why the Convention is the only way to rein in the Federal Government – The Founders understood Men
  • 14:35 Term Limits discussion
  • 16:15 Why we should have the Convention at this time
  • 18:52 Opposition – Normal list of fear points – complete lack of research and understanding history – read our Handbook.
  • 25:12 Michael announces MO Senate passed the Resolution there
  • 25:40 Michael answers the Opposition’s points, providing legal, political and historical precedents.

Need some more training/information? Here is Convention of States President Mark Meckler’s presentation to the Wetumpka Tea Party five months ago.

Below you will find your Senator’s Name, email, and phone numbers – We are requesting you email AND call their office requesting they support HJR112. Rules Committee Members are of particular focus and are listed in Bold.

You may check your address HERE if you are not sure of your State Senate District.

If you would like a sample for your email:

Dear Senator [*****],

Thank you for your service to the great State of Alabama.  I want to express my views regarding House Joint Resolution 112, which has already passed the House and is in your Rules Committee.  I strongly support an Article V Convention of States to bring power back to Alabama.  I want Alabama legislators like you making decisions for our state rather than someone in the federal government.  I urge you to support HJR112 and work to gain the bi-partisan support this American Project deserves.

Thank you again for your service,

The Founders knew the history of the world and the nature of men. They founded this country on an IDEA,not a blood line, and not through conquest. They also knew they were doing something historic and the experiment could fail. We ask you to remember what our Founders sacrificed to give us our great nation and our great Constitution. We can do no less to save our country for our progeny. They need to hear from every one of you. 

Tim  Melson (R-1)

Gerald  Dial (R-13)

Dick  Brewbaker (R-25)

District: (256) 760-5707

District: (256) 239-9939

District: none

Office: (334) 242-7888

Office: (334) 242-7874

Office: (334) 242-7895




William  Holtzclaw (R-2)

Cam  Ward (R-14)

Quinton  Ross (D-26)

District: (256) 651-5921

District: (205) 620-6610

District: none

Office: (334) 242-7854

Office: (334) 242-7873

Office: (334) 242-7880




Arthur  Orr (R-3)

Slade  Blackwell (R-15)

Tom  Whatley (R-27)

District: (256) 260-2147

District: (205) 324-7676 Ext. 5

District: none

Office: (334) 242-7891

Office: (334) 242-7851

Office: (334) 242-7865




Paul  Bussman (R-4)

J.T.  Jabo Waggoner (R-16)

William  Beasley (D-28)

District: (256) 734-1700

District: (205) 978-7405

District: (334) 775-7657

Office: (334) 242-7855

Office: (334) 242-7892

Office: (334) 775-3291




Greg  Reed (R-5)

Shay  Shelnutt (R-17)

Harri Anne  Smith (I-29)

District: none

District: none

District: none

Office: (334) 242-7894

Office: (334) 242-7794

Office: (334) 242-7879




Larry  Stutts (R-6)

Rodger  Smitherman (D-18)

Clyde  Chambliss (R-30)

District: none

District: (205) 322-0012

District: none

Office: (334) 242-7862

Office: (334) 242-7870

Office: (334) 242-7883




Paul L. Sanford (R-7)

Priscilla  Dunn (D-19)

Jimmy  Holley (R-31)

District: (256) 539-5441

District: (205) 426-3795

District: none

Office: (334) 242-7867

Office: (334) 242-7793

Office: (334) 242-7845




Steve  Livingston (R-8)

Linda  Coleman (D-20)

Trip  Pittman (R-32)

District: (256) 218-3090

District: (205) 254-2079

District: (251) 621-0535

Office: (334) 242-7858

Office: (334) 242-7864

Office: (334) 242-7897




Clay  Scofield (R-9)

Gerald  Allen (R-21)

Vivian  Figures (D-33)

District: (256) 582-0619

District: (205) 556-5310

District: (251) 208-5480

Office: (334) 242-7876

Office: (334) 242-7889

Office: (334) 242-7871




Phillip  Williams (R-10)

Gregory  Albritton (R-22)

Rusty  Glover (R-34)

District: none

District: (251) 937-0240

District: none

Office: (334) 242-7857

Office: (334) 242-7843

Office: (334) 242-7886




Jim  McClendon (R-11)

Hank Sanders (D-23)

Bill  Hightower (R-35)

District: none

District: (334) 526-4531

District: (251) 208-5480

Office: (334) 242-7898

Office: (334) 242-7860

Office: (334) 242-7882




Del  Marsh (R-12)

Bobby  Singleton (D-24)


District: (256) 237-8647

District: none


Office: (334) 242-7877

Office: (334) 242-7935


Again, this is not the time to be too busy to get involved.  This is the time to make time to be a Patriot!

As always, THANK YOU for standing shoulder to shoulder with the founders and advocating for our states to use the tool given to us by those great men!


Terry Richmond
Legislative Liaison

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