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Alabama application to be heard by Senate Rules Committee

Published in Blog on July 18, 2017 by Convention Of States Project

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Note: Only citizens of Alabama need respond to the following Call to Action.

It is time to focus on the Senate Rules Committee. There are 17 members of that Committee listed below. Please use the below script as your starting point or use it verbatim, as you like, to contact them. We are requesting you both email and call them. Remember you are calling them because they are members of the Rules Committee so please contact all of them.

The Resolution will likely come before the Committee this week. Rules, unlike other Committees, meets on days the Legislature is actually in session, Tuesday and Thursday; so, actions every day of the week are appropriate. 
Here is the script:

Senator ________________,

You are a member of the Senate Rules Committee, and I am calling to give you some background information about a resolution coming before your committee -- HJR112. 

As recently as May 6th, in a Committee hearing during discussion of Article V it was stated, as fact, that the Philadelphia Convention, that gave us our magnificent Constitution:

  • illegally changed the Articles of Confederation and
  • illegally changed the ratification method

Both these claims are incorrect talking points promulgated by opposition organizations.

I support The Convention of States Project which has been in existence for just about 18 months. In this short time it has been instrumental in passing the same template resolution in three states and this year has introduced it in 36 states. So far this year, no state has completed the process; so, Alabama could be the fourth state to pass this resolution that will aggregate properly when 34 states pass the same resolution. Two more opposition arguments are:

  • we cannot control the Convention and
  • Congress will dictate all its conditions.

The Resolution itself states the convention rules will be one state one vote and that Congress cannot adopt any rule to the contrary. Further, the Resolution states that the Legislature will pass rules to specify who will go, what their duties will be and how they will be controlled. In fact, Senators Orr and Pittman have introduced SB112 and SB372 for exactly those purposes..

We find ourselves in a war of information with those that would put forward historical misconceptions and dated fallacies, rather than research historical facts available to all.

The power given to the state legislatures under Article V is the only power given to legislators in the entire Constitution. Congress has always acted when it became clear we were going to actually use that power.  This time they may act again but if they do not Alabama’s Legislature has shown through these three pieces of legislation that “We the People” are ready to do it ourselves.

Thank you for taking my call, my name is ________  you may contact me at ____________ .

End of Script.

You may determine who your Senator is HERE but please call them all.

Members of the Senate Rules Committee

J.T.  Jabo Waggoner (R-16)

Rusty  Glover (R-34)

Greg  Reed (R-5)

District: (205) 978-7405

District: none

District: none

Office: (334) 242-7892

Office: (334) 242-7886

Office: (334) 242-7894




Paul  Bussman (R-4)

Bill  Hightower (R-35)

Paul L. Sanford (R-7)

District: (256) 734-1700

District: (251) 208-5480

District: (256) 539-5441

Office: (334) 242-7855

Office: (334) 242-7882

Office: (334) 242-7867




William  Beasley (D-28)

Jimmy  Holley (R-31)

Clay  Scofield (R-9)

District: (334) 775-7657

District: none

District: (256) 582-0619

Office: (334) 775-3291

Office: (334) 242-7845

Office: (334) 242-7876




Dick  Brewbaker (R-25)

Jim  McClendon (R-11)

Rodger  Smitherman (D-18)

District: none

District: none

District: (205) 322-0012

Office: (334) 242-7895

Office: (334) 242-7898

Office: (334) 242-7870




Gerald  Dial (R-13)

Arthur  Orr (R-3)

Phillip  Williams (R-10)

District: (256) 239-9939

District: (256) 260-2147

District: none

Office: (334) 242-7874

Office: (334) 242-7891

Office: (334) 242-7857




Vivian  Figures (D-33)

Trip  Pittman (R-32)


District: (251) 208-5480

District: (251) 621-0535


Office: (334) 242-7871

Office: (334) 242-7897


Thank you for helping save our Country,

Terry Richmond
Legislative Liaison

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