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A letter to the editor

Published in Uncategorized on August 08, 2020 by Thomas Ward

Covid-19 struck a huge blow to life in Wisconsin. Businesses were closed and citizens confined to their homes. Only those with jobs deemed “essential” by the Governor were allowed.

Still the business of our state needs to be finished. Before the Senate is AJR77 to restore some balance between the Federal and State Governments. The 10th Amendment states that any power not specifically given to the Federal Government belongs to the States or to the people.

Over time the States have surrendered much of their power to the Federal Government, like education, highways, and health care to name a few. AJR77 strives to reset the balance between the States and Federal governments by calling for an Article V Convention of the States.

Our Assembly overwhelmingly passed AJR77 and it had passed out of the Senate committee. Still the business of our state must continue.

Article V of our Constitution gives the State Legislatures the authority to call the convention. The oath of office each of our legislators took mandates that they uphold and defend the Constitution.

Our Assembly fulfilled their obligation. Our Senate needs to do the same. Ask your Senator to pass AJR77.

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