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A Convention of States could protect retirement

Published in Blog on December 14, 2022 by Michael Austin

Convention of States is one of the few tools we must use to fight back against the woke Environmental Social Governance (ESG) sham.

ESG pushes our financial system to run too much like a runaway government; wasting funds to promote a far-left agenda. To combat this, we need to look to the states.

Florida, West Virginia, Arizona, and many other states are pushing back against ESG and protecting their constituents’ investments. The solution here is a grassroots community calling for fiscal responsibility, transparency, and dictating how they want their money to be used.

Watch and hear Michael's comments on COS and ESG here

Convention of States is uniquely situated to help respect our money and protect our freedoms.

Michael Austin is a Free-Market Economist and the President of Knowledge and Decisions Economic Consulting.

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