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1,925 days after position created to conduct oversight of the fed, Obama has yet to appoint someone

Published in Blog on July 18, 2017 by Convention Of States Project

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President Obama has failed to fill a position created by the Dodd-Frank law meant to hold the Federal Reserve accountable for 1925 days and counting, even though he has appointed officials for less senior positions at the central bank during that time.

Dodd-Frank was signed into law on July 21, 2010, and created a new presidentially appointed, Senate-confirmed position on the Federal Reserve Board of Governors called the vice chairman for supervision. The person in this position would have to testify before Congress twice a year on matters of oversight to ensure that the Fed is being held accountable.

While this position has been left open for more than five years, President Obama has filled many other lower-level vacancies at the Fed. Obama nominated three officials including Stanley Fischer, Lael Brainard and Jerome Powell to the Fed’s board of governors in January of 2014, .

The House Financial Services Committee will hold a hearing next week to have Yellen testify about the vacancy.

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The fact is, the federal government doesn't want any oversight. They're happy to continue abusing their power and wasting our money as long as we let them. Fortunately, an Article V Convention of States can provide the ultimate oversight by proposing constitutional amendments that limit their power and jurisdiction.

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