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Published in Volunteer Resources on March 22, 2020 by Allen Wegele

There are a number of volunteer activities that can contribute to our mission as a passed state to "Build an engaged army of self-governing grassroots activists". This document will help you to know how to conduct one of those activities namely “Composing and sending a ‘Letter to the Editor’ opinion piece to keep the Convention of States Action missions in the forefront of peoples thoughts”. In this current age where printed media seems to be a dying art there are still many newspapers and other digital media outlets that people depend on for local information. A considered opinion or fact piece that is published in the editorial section of a local paper or an online news outlet has the legs to light a conversation amongst the readers of that publication. With this in mind be aware of what and who you are representing and compose your ‘letter’ to address the desired audience. Sometimes you may be writing to reinforce an idea or action that is being acted on in the State Legislature, or you may be writing to introduce the Convention of States Action Arizona to a group who is unaware of us, and our goals. This document provides you a set of tools to assist you in becoming an integral part in moving the Convention of States Arizona forward in these times of necessity. The tools and their use is: A partial list of printed newspapers in Arizona, to give you a starting point, an extensive set of ‘letter to the editor’ for you to use as guides or ‘cut and paste’ when appropriate, and directions to Convention of States web site for guidance and resources in composing subjects for publication.

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