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#WhyWeDoThis — Profiles of Minnesota's COS Team

Published in Blog on January 08, 2018 by Suzy Turbenson

Why have Minnesotans given their precious time to Convention of States in a political landscape that, at times, seems hopeless? This is the first in our #WhyWeDoThis series, profiling Minnesotans who take the time to volunteer in order to ensure America's promise of freedom for future generations. 


Mike Black, Co-Director
Convention of States, Minnesota 


What sparked you to volunteer for COS?

Lack of response from federal legislators, deviation from the Constitution, “The Swamp.”

One thing you hope a Convention of States accomplishes.

Tem Limits

Advice for those who believe America is heading in the wrong direction but are uncomfortable being an activist.

I had these terrible thoughts that my children would not have the opportunities that I had and were already experiencing the conflicts brought about by intrusive government policy. The umbrella of any type of government, that we depend on for day to day things, brings problems because we rely less on ourselves.

We let the crowd take care of all the hard things and, while we may participate in political processes from time to time, it’s much easier to let someone tell you what to do and complain about it than it is to try to solve something on your own and perhaps suffer the financial, physical or emotional hardships sometimes needed to obtain the things which you are seeking.

I always felt a bit guilty having gone through life in not having contributed to our military in any way, not so much because I think I would have been a great warrior, but because I admire the people who have defended our country and kept the rest of us safe. The evils and terrible things that have happened to, or been experienced by, those who have participated in the military will never be equaled by normal citizens.

But I believe this process, the COS process, could be our opportunity to participate in the defense of our nation. It’s not going to be as “grand” and “glorious” as past military endeavors have been represented, but it’s also not going to be as gory or gruesome. There are not going to be any great news publications, films or wonderful articles written about what we are trying to accomplish, but I’ll know in my heart that I did things that I thought were important.

What myth about COS would you like to dispel?

Runaway Convention Fallacy

Join us in our fight to give states back their rightful power. Sign our petition and volunteer today, we need you!


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