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URGENT - Call to Action Ohio!

Published in Hottest on May 31, 2022 by Convention of States Ohio

Please call these Senators right now and DEMAND a committee vote on SJR-4  (Convention of States)

Senator Bob Peterson - (614) 466-8156

Senator Jerry C. Cirino - (614) 644-7718

These senators are key to moving SJR-4 in the Senate General Government Budget Committee, but you need to tell them to MOVE IT!

Here are some talking points:

  • SJR-4 is the Convention of States resolution that would add Ohio to the list of 19 other states already on board the effort
  • SJR-4 is in the Senate General Government Budget Committee and is awaiting a vote
  • Demand a committee vote NOW, no waiting until "after an election" or "after a summer break"
  • The time is NOW to push back against the woke agenda coming out of Washington, D.C.
  • Demand action, the country is spiraling toward collapse, but these Senators have the power to stop this nonsense.

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