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Top 5 reasons to use the Convention of States Citizen's Toolkit

Draft by Convention Of States Project

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Did you know the Convention of States Project provides a free selection of resources to help you understand and communicate how a Convention of States can limit the power and jurisdiction of the federal government and preserve liberty in America?

Well, we do! And here are the top five reasons you should check out our Citizen's Toolkit today:

1. So you can use the new and improved Powerpoint. Have the assurance you're presenting the most recent information with our updated Convention of States Powerpoint.

2. So you can respond to any argument they throw at you. Some people are afraid of what the Framers gave us in Article V, others don't believe Americans have the right to govern themselves. Whatever the argument, you'll be able to respond to it with one of the articles we've published under Response to Opposition Arguments.

3. So you can print materials to give to your friends. Smart phones and computers are nice, but you can't pass them out at the next PTA meeting. Our Print Materials page gives you access to all our professionally-produced Convention of States literature, which we encourage you to hand out to your friends and neighbors.

4. So you can spread the word far and wide. Nervous about talking to your legislator or writing a letter to the editor? With our Spread the Word resources in the Citizen's Toolkit, you don't have to be. We've given you sample letters and scripts you can use to spread the word about the last, best chance to preserve liberty in America.

5. So you can read the Convention of States application. We talk a lot about the Convention of States application, but if you've ever wondered exactly what it says, you can find a copy in the Citizen's Toolkit. This is the first thing state legislators will want to see when you talk to them, so it's important to read it beforehand!

You can download all these resources and more in our Citizen's Toolkit, which can be found under the "Get Involved" tab at the top of this page.

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