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Things to Ponder

Published in Blog on May 22, 2022 by Barton (Bart) Anderson

Do I deserve the freedoms I have as an American? Or have I been socialized by my culture to be complacent?

Have I considered the sacrifices our founding fathers gave to create the framework of our nation? Have I done what I can to protect these freedoms? Do I really believe that our freedoms are guaranteed and there is no need to fight to protect them?

Do I think about this every day? Do I care about the world I will leave behind for my children, grandchildren, and those who proceed them? Is this my battle to fight or does the battle belong to someone else? Does all this really matter or have I left this to God to resolve? After all, I know He is in control of all things.

Have I contemplated the various options to fix these problems? Have I considered all options to fight this battle? Have I thought about my game plan? Do I need to plan my mission?  Do I think about this every day and think about what I can do that day to advance my mission? Do I wait for instructions or am I self-governing, understanding it’s up to me to proactively take action?

Do I have the heart of David or does that thought of facing Goliath paralyze me? Is it easier to move to the TV and hope this thought goes away? Am I stuck in complacency? Am I wondering or am I wandering?

Am I telling the helicopter thanks for the offer but God has a different plan for me. I’ll wait. Or, is this thought in my head telling me something different? Where did this thought come from anyway?

Do I know what to do now? Have I considered Should I do this now or see if this little voice in my head goes away?

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