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Poll: Government top problem in 2017

Published in Uncategorized on December 19, 2017 by Convention Of States

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The latest poll from Gallup confirms what Americans already know:

Americans named dissatisfaction with government as the most important problem facing the nation in 2017, the third time in the past four years that government has been at the top of the list. The second most frequently mentioned problem in 2017 was healthcare, followed by race relations, immigration, the need to unify the country, and the economy.

These results are based on the average of 12 monthly surveys conducted in 2017 in which Americans were asked to name the most important problem "facing this country today."

The 20% of Americans citing government as the top problem this year is slightly higher than the 13% to 18% who mentioned it in each of the past three years, but is the same as in 2013. Government topped the most important problem list in 2014 and 2015, and was second to the economy in 2013 and 2016.

Dissatisfaction with government has appeared on the "top problem" list as far back as 1954, when 19% named it as the most important problem. Mentions of government as the top problem have been high at other periods over the past several decades.

Clearly, we have a problem. If Americans are dissatisfied with government this often, something needs to change.

Maybe the problem isn't how government operates, but where it operates. The feds have inserted themselves into every area of American life, regulating and controlling areas they cannot possibly govern well.

The solution is to return power back where it belongs -- with the people and the states. Individual Americans know what's best for themselves and their families, and states are in the best position to know the best policies for their counties and cities.

An Article V Convention of States can do just that. By proposing consitutional amendments that reduce the power of the federal governments, the people can once again take control of this nation's future. Click the blue button below to learn more and get involved.

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