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Over 200 legislators unite against DC

Published in Blog on July 17, 2017 by Convention Of States Project

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The Convention of States Caucus -- an organization of state legislators committed to limiting D.C. with an Article V Convention -- officially launched on July 24th, when the initial draft of the rules for the first ever Convention of States was presented. State legislators from across the nation eagerly signed on to the Convention of States Caucus to be a part of this historical process!

These legislators are working together online by providing input to the draft rules, to reach a final set of rules that will be submitted for approval at the Convention.

More than 200 State Legislators, representing 40 states, have already signed on as Charter Members of the Convention of States Caucus and more legislators are signing on as I write you this update.

If your state legislator has joined the Convention of States Caucus, you can be sure of the following things: 

1)    They hear your voice and knows that you want them to implement the only solution as big as the problems facing the nation—a Convention of States;

2)    They are forward thinking and want to be a part of forming and approving the rules for the upcoming Convention of States;

3)    They are engaged in the fight for self-governance in America, and answer the question, “Who Decides?” with “The people in my state and not the federal government.”

4)    They are now plugged into the premier national caucus for the support of legislators committed to calling a Convention of States, allowing them networking and training opportunities with state legislators nationwide.

Will you help us foster self-governance? Will you help us draw the decision making closer to home?

Click here to sign the Convention of States petition and here to sign up for your state volunteer team.

Click here to get involved!
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