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Our True American History

Published in Blog on May 30, 2022 by Mary Bailey

Most of us on the Convention of States team are familiar with David Barton, Founder of WallBuilders in Aledo, TX. Through the partnership between COS and Patriot Academy, I first learned of David Barton in the Biblical Citizenship series of classes.

On May 25, it was my extreme pleasure, along with COS Volunteers Kelly Kennedy, Jo Stante and State Director Chris Garzino, to hear this wonderful man speak at the King of Kings Worship Center in Basking Ridge, NJ during a stop on The American Restoration Tour.


David Barton is truly a dynamic and engaging speaker, and the crowd was energized by his message of pride in – and defense of – our country's rich history. He discussed "the good, the bad and the ugly" and spoke about the current practice in education of disparaging our nation. This trend does a great disservice to our youth.

Perhaps the clause in the COS resolution that discusses limiting the power and jurisdiction of the federal government could lead to an amendment bringing the control of education back to the States where it belongs. An amendment to impose fiscal restraints on the federal government may even call for the abolishment of the U.S. Department of Education, an unnecessary department not worthy of funding. We can only hope.

It is up to us as Patriots to teach current and future generations about the God-given blessings and opportunities that Americans have used throughout our history to make our country a beacon of freedom for the world. David Barton called for a revival of Christian churches to engage in the fight to restore America's proud place in history.

As COS Volunteers, we must be ready to defend our founders who used both their civic and religious wisdom to write our great Constitution, which guarantees every citizen the freedom to self-govern.

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