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Brett's Blog Archive: Monday, January 24, 2022 - Opening Day 2022: In the words of our supporters and volunteers - Part 2

Published in Blog on January 24, 2022 by Brett Sterley, State Director, Convention of States Missouri

Here are couple more reports from volunteers who attended Opening Day at the Capitol. Please consider joining us on Wednesday, February 9, 2022 for Surge Day.

For Liberty,


Don Pettigrew, Laura Pettigrew, John Probst, Cindy Leech, Shelly Harrison, Bennie Salkil, Jim Brooks and Greg Tate.

I had the great pleasure of meeting two fellow COS volunteers when I traveled to the Capitol on January 5th. Jayme, from Lees Summit, will be a statewide communications coordinator, and Suzanne, from Troy, is a district captain. We had a lovely time getting acquainted, and I was inspired by their kindness and enthusiasm. Afterward, we decided to visit with one of our respective state legislators.

I visited the office of State Senator Paul Wieland. He was detained in a late session, but I was privileged to meet his chief of staff and office administrator. I briefly introduced myself, and explained that I was there as a representative of the Convention of States team.  

Chief of Staff James Murphy shared Senator Wieland's stance regarding COS. He explained that Senator Wieland's concern is that the Convention's objectives should be narrowly focused; he particularly is in favor of limiting federal terms, and limiting federal spending.  

Both gentlemen were welcoming and gracious. James invited me to sign their guestbook as a record of my visit, presented me with an awesome challenge coin (commemorating the 100th session of the Missouri Senate's General Assembly), and gave me a bottled water for my trip home.

By Gina McPeck, District Captain for Missouri House District 114

Our State Senator, Jeanie Riddle, was kind enough to introduce my daughter, Raquel, and me from the floor of the Senate during the Opening Day’s first session. We had visited her office earlier that day and I had explained my reasons for volunteering with the Convention of States as well as a little about my younger days.

The public is only allowed inside the Senate visitors’ chamber with an invitation and there were only two other people who were introduced to the full Senate. What an honor!

During her introduction Senator Riddle mentioned that we were Convention of States Missouri supporters and that the reason that I was involved in this project was because I was born in Cuba and I was worried about what is happening to our country. We were given a long ovation and I know that this is an experience that my daughter will remember always.

Later when I visited all the offices of the senators who voted to remove the Sunset Clause from our resolution in 2021 many of these senators remembered Senator Riddle’s comments and they expressed their concerns as well. I can assure you that they are as concerned as we are about the future of our nation.

There were 25 to 30 Convention of States Missouri supporters at the Capitol on Opening Day and I am looking forward to returning to the Capitol on or before our Surge Day since I volunteer as a Legislative Liaison.

By Rosendo (Marty) Martinez, Legislative Liaison for the Convention of States

Did you miss Part 1? HERE it is.

Brett Sterley, State Director, Convention of States Missouri, also provided an update on his January 10 'Brett's Blog.'

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