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NE is Ready to Remove the Sunset Clause

Published in Blog on January 29, 2023 by Nebraska Convention of States

It's Time For ACTION!

Now is the time to speak up for liberty in Nebraska. 

The NE Senate is scheduled to vote on rescinding the sunset clause of the Convention of States application this Thursday, and your senators need to know they have your support.

Convention of States resolution LR31  Committee Hearing:

Government, Military and Veterans Affairs Committee, Room 1507

Thursday, February 02, 2023, 9:30am CST

Nebraska State Capitol, 1445 K Street, Lincoln, NE 

COS supporters - time to stand up / show up / speak up

Nothing demonstrates support for the COS resolution more than constituents showing up at the Capitol for the committee hearing. 

Consider preparing a short testimony - why you support an Article V convention.

We are relying on supporters from around Lincoln and Omaha to show in force! It might be a burden, the weather might be bad, and it might mean a day off work. But the fate of our country is at stake.

If you cannot make this committee in person, please join for online testimony by following this link to the Meeting Calendar. Scroll to Thursday February 2, 2023. Find it in Government,Military and Veterans Affairs

Please take a moment to write your state senators and voice your support for LR31 to rescind the sunset clause for a Convention of States. 

Simply follow this link to contact your Nebraska Senator. 

Your call or email could tip the balance in the NE Senate. You can also forward this email to your friends and family, and encourage them to call their state senators.

Click here to get involved!
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