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Madison Wants Snail Mail Correspondence from Home Now to Take the Next Step...

Published in Blog on December 11, 2017 by Joanne Laufenberg

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We had a blast at the State Capitol in the North Hearing Room last Tuesday, 1/16/18!

Some interesting developments occurred up there.  We've done our homework, educated the place for the most part, and have been told it's time to move to the next step.  One office we were in told us they haven't received any phone calls from us and old school handwritten letters are gold to them.  They carry a lot of weight.  I know many of us have called and sent heartfelt communications, at least via email.  Now is the time to have letter writing and video filming meetups all around the state.  Your legislators need handwritten letter, photos, video footage, live interaction, anything beyond emails about

The "trifecta" DC limiting article v application (fiscal restraints, scope and jurisdiction limits, term limits for federal officials and members of congress).

12 states have passed resolutions with the exact same aggregated language since 2013.

Supporters have increased from 4500 in 2016 to 14,000+ today.

We delivered many CDs, newsletters, petition lists, and model applications.

This is the genuine non-partisan solution to our federal bi-partisan problem.

Your legislators want to meet you and if you can't make it to Madison or catch them at a  local listening session, county party meeting, or event; you can send them something tangible or visible.  Will you host a meetup to get these done in your district?  We can help invite everyone.  My cell is 414-750-0327.  I'll direct you to the Captain near you to get this done.

Let's make it clear how many of their constituents want WI to introduce and pass the real solution to our federal overeach problem.

Enter your address here for your state assemblyperson and senator's contact information.

Here are some bullet points I've been asked to compose in case you're looking for ideas to add to your correspondence and conversations.

- Our foundational liberties are and have been erroded for decades, please use the 3 point COS article v resolution to restore them.

- All of this runaway nonsense is based on misinformation and confusion. The reason behind the reason for not wanting to call a convention is to maintain the status quo in the federal government. Nullification only creates expensive legal battles.

- Our federal government is running over a fiscal and regulatory cliff. We can't wait decades to repair this huge monetary leak or push back the erosion of our liberties.      

- I am personally extremely concerned about the longevity of the United States. The only solution is for the aggregated states to use their constitutional authority and save this republic. 

- The framers of the constitution gave you, our state legislators, the authority to protect us from a tyrannical federal government. It's quite simply your duty to stop them.

- We can restore freedom and prosperity for ourselves, our children and their children if only we will use the mechanism so wisely given to us over 200 years ago in the 2nd part of article v. 

- Please use this bloodless, genuine, subject-based solution to our nation's problems before those who are prepared to use force start something we can't stop.

- I've watched our public policy erode our culture of self-reliance and ingenuity for decades. Small business has been squashed by runaway federal spending and suffocating "standards". Unelected bureaucrats are creating laws by the millions. It isn't even possible to comply. Please end the madness. Nullification is not working. Electing good people is not working. The state legislatures need to join together and take back this country.

- "Term Limits for the federal officials and members or congress" should not be a holdup for state legislators. The waste, fraud and duplication in DC must be stopped. When people are in those seats for longer than 12-18 years they become "experts" at taking advantage of taxpayers and burdening future generations with destructive debt. We the people have been patient long enough. Now is the time to invoke article v and limit their scope and jurisdiction, while bringing in citizen legislators.

- By and large state legislatures have proven themselves to be better representatives of the peoples' interests and we want you to handle more of the decisions than a distant out of touch committee or bureaucrat in DC. Furthermore, decisions regarding health care and education, retirement and insurance, recreation and the arts, religion and charities, should be made by us individually. You can give us back the authority to invest our hard earned resources in the manner we are called to. If you don't, we will find someone who will.

- WI COS Supporters have grown from 4500 in the spring of 2016 to 14,000+ today and still so many have never even heard of this project. We are gaining national recognition in the media and grassroots coalitions. Can I humbly point out in the near future it could become impossible to ignore our wishes?

- We have the non-partisan solution to our bi-partisan federal problem. Please listen to us and ignore those who are out of touch with how "unsustainable" DC truly is. At the rate we're going in 10 years we will face about $120 trillion in unfunded liabilites. In 50 medicare and social security will consume all of our resources. National defense will become a joke, if the dollar even survives. You have the opportunity to right this ship and we are watching. Who will make the wise choices? Will you?

Note:  If you want more ideas, there are plenty where they came from. Just email Others would be happy to help you also. Some are much more eloquent and less offensive than I am.  Just say the word if you want me to point you in their direction.

Click here to get involved!
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Joanne Laufenberg

Michael Farris's advice has produced terrific results in our family thus far and the framers of the constitution designed this safety valve to prevent a federal implosion. Let's use it!