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Hawaii Teams Keep the Answers Flowing

Published in Blog on February 08, 2018 by Mark Kenneth White

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District Captain Jake Wilson presents FAQs to Priscilla Kobuta, Office Manager for Senator Clarence Nishihara.

For the fourth Surge Wednesday in a row, Hawaii's intrepid Convention of States (COS) teams kept the information flow going out to state legislators.

Meeting at the capitol on Wednesday Feb 7, COS leaders and volunteers alike distributed two of the most important flyers produced by the Convention of States Project. 

COS volunteer Matt Satterlee (R) visited 18 legislative offices inlcuding Ka'omaka Aki, Office Manager for Senator J. Kalani English. 

The two key handouts distrbuted were Frequently Asked Questions and Prof Robert Natelson's How the Courts have Clarified the Constitution's Amendment Process. 


Frequently Asked Questions dispell many myths about Article V and Natelson's article shows the rich history of juducial rulings that ensure protections for the amendment process.  

District Captain Jake Wilson discusses new COS handout materials to Courtney Nomiyama in Senator Glenn Wakai's office. 

The Hawaii team's final Surge Wednesday will be February 14 in which all legislators will receive new handouts materials as well as the complete list of COS petition signers in each of their districts.

All Hawaii volunteers and supporters of Convention of States are welcomed and encouraged to join our teams Wednesday, February 14, 1:15pm, at the ground floor of the Captiol.

Join us as we meet and educate our Hawaii legisltors.    

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Mark Kenneth White

Born into a military family; Bachelor of Science in Biology from Northern Arizona University 1979; joined the Air Force in 1984; retired Colonel and moved to Hawaii in 2012; Joined Convention of States in November 2015. Part-time pottery teacher.