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Florida Needs Callers for Liberty

Published in Blog on January 10, 2019 by Michelle Laflamme

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Do you like meeting great like-minded motivated patriots? Do you have a phone?

Then we need you!

We have several opportunities for you to make a difference simply by picking up your phone and reaching out to people who have signed the petition on this site and checked the volunteer box just like you did.

These are not cold calls. These people are concerned and motivated citizens waiting to hear from us. They deserve our welcome, our thanks, and an invitation get more involved. 

Here are some specific caller missions that you can help us complete:

Join our Follow-Up Team. 

Help us thank petition signers, welcome volunteers and direct them on how to take action. If they have specific questions, you can offer to have a leader contact them and you will have a point person to notify of such requests. We don't require you to be a Constitutional or Article V expert to be a caller for COS. We just need friendly voices willing to thank and encourage other citizens just like you who have been looking for a solution for the swamp in DC.

Invite Tallahassee residents to a Legislative Liaison meet-and-greet.

Those fortunate enough to be living near our state capitol can play a special role in creating a friendly and encouraging relationship with Florida legislators during the 2019 session over the next few months.

We are hosting a special meeting on January 24, and we'd like callers to offer a personal invite by phone with the details. 

Call COS supporters to inform them of a trip to Tallahassee planned for March 27 or share information on how to attend a home-front rally in their legislators' districts.

We want to be a presence on Senior Day at the capitol. For those who may not be able to make the trip, you can share information on how to rally at home under the leadership of a District Captain.

We will coordinate a livestream or recorded video of any such event to share with their representative or senator. Just have to ask those interested to check their email box for an email with details.

We're asking all volunteers who are willing to make as many calls as they conveniently can during reasonable hours of the day.

Invite callees to become callers, too!

As you make these important calls, we also want you to encourage those who are most enthusiastic to become callers for COS as well.

It's a great way to meet some really awesome people and brighten your day. Like sunshine, personal interaction is what provides the energy and motivation to grow this great grassroots movement. And we Floridians know a lot about sunshine.

Call your State House Representative and State Senator.

Florida has taken the first step in our Article V effort by passing the application to join the Convention of States for the purpose of imposing fiscal restraints, term limits, and other limits on the federal government.

We now want our state legislatures to form the Article V Working Group to amend the Florida statutes so that our state is ready for an Article V Convention of States.

Click here to get involved!
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