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COS Values the Middle

Published in Blog on June 13, 2022 by Cynthia Kisby

As the blessed American citizens that we are, we need to remind ourselves that self-governance means we actually have to do something. We cannot imagine that voting is enough. We cannot expect elected officials to do all the heavy lifting required to maintain balance between all the conflicting issues of our day. 

Our Founding Fathers expected some citizens to step up and support their country by serving in elected office. They didn’t expect them to make a lifetime career of it. Those who do the electing must monitor the outcomes and hold leaders accountable. We do this by paying attention to local concerns and by developing relationships with our local legislators, regardless of party affiliation. 


Denah Butts, Florida State Director offered the following advice on May 26, 2022.

“It’s not an elephant or a donkey, it’s an American Eagle! Michael Arnold, State Director of Massachusetts has embraced the reality that our solution is nonpartisan better than anyone and used that understanding and clarity to move our COS Resolution forward in MA. I HIGHLY recommend tuning into him whenever possible and embrace his vernacular and mindset as we push past the final hurdles - the most difficult states to pass.”

What Passed States Can Do
Remember, our mission is to build an engaged, self-governing grassroots army. Passing the Article V resolution in 34 states is an important goal that needs an army to accomplish it. The more volunteers and signatures COS collects, the stronger our visibility and influence as an army will be. 

In this Passed-States PresentationMark Meckler suggests a number of activities for volunteers in passed states. We already know we need to work to restore self-governance. We must watch out for and oppose efforts to rescind the resolution. States that passed a resolution with a sunset clause can work to remove that deadline. 

Passed states can also plan ahead for a commissioner-selection resolution. We can support neighboring non-passed states by attending their events. Without leaving your house you can contribute as a tele-patriot or prayer warrior. Spreading the word in one-on-one conversations is essential. This new COS web page provides easy access to important links. 

Snowbird Opportunities
A role model for personally spreading enthusiasm and helping non-passed states, Cliff Gerich lives in Florida but visits family in Iowa and Michigan. Last year he supported a gun show in Iowa. This year he plans to do block-walking in Michigan. He wonders how we can encourage other Florida residents to share their support for COS in their home states. Is that an idea you might act on? 

You can easily find leaders from any state. Log into COS and click on the dropdown menu next to your initials or picture. Click on Leaders Directory. Change Florida to the state you plan to visit. Change to “map view” to zero in on the COS volunteer closest to your destination.

Being American
We are probably a lot closer to wanting the same things than the rabid drama-queens of media would have us believe. We all want to follow our own conscience and most of us hope to accomplish that without harming others. Self-governance requires self-restraint. That is the essence of our founding values. 

COS works to reach, teach, and activate citizens in our ongoing efforts to “form a more perfect union.” We are engaged in a fight with a small minority of radical activists promoting un-American ideas and anti-American policies. The COS Resolution focuses on three elements that will return us to our original structure: term limits on federal officials, fiscal restraints, and reducing bureaucratic interference. 

Even though many wise, seasoned leaders are beginning to frame this as a battle, COS hopes to prevail with a culture of kindness. Work with us as an eagle soaring above the political divide.

Please sign our petition and join us. We need your help to get our country back from the extremes, back to the center.


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