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Convention of States Tri-state Radio Interview

Published in Blog on February 03, 2019 by Dale Parrish

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Written by Larry Wiwi, District Captain for Convention of States Indiana.

On January 31 we had a rare opportunity to coordinate the Convention of States effort across three states (Indiana, Kentucky and Ohio) in a 30 minute, three-way radio interview on the Brian Thomas Show on 55WKRC in Cincinnati. 

Brian hosted Mary Jo Wedding (a Media Liaison and District Captain in northern Kentucky), Tony Krueger (Legislative Liaison in Ohio), and Larry Wiwi (District Captain in Indiana) in studio to discuss Article V, the objectives of the COS, the common fears of a convention, and the status of the effort in the three states. 

Brian posed some pointed questions and gave each participant ample time to fully answer and was genuinely fair and even-handed, enabling the three COS representatives to paint the complete picture of the COS effort overall and specifically for the three states.

The idea for the three-state interview arose from the practical reality that the southeast corner of Indiana, roughly the eastern half of Region 6 is not served or barely served by Indiana radio stations, with most broadcasts instead coming from Cincinnati-based stations.

Northern Kentucky districts face the same situation, so the thought was that a tri-state representation of COS would be needed to entice the station to provide the air time, and it proved to be true. 

A couple of other key points should also be noted. First, Senator Coburn and Mark Meckler had recently appeared on a Cincinnati-based talk radio, which helped to open the door for a more detailed discussion about what COS is doing locally. 

Second, after weeks of non-response from the station to set up this interview, an opportunity came up to meet the show producer and host in an informal “listener lunch” event and the in-person delivery made the difference to make it happen.

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