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Brett's Blog: Monday, May 13, 2024: Institutions of Higher Learning?

Published in Blog on May 12, 2024 by Brett Sterley, State Director, Convention of States Missouri

What in the world is going on at many of our universities?

These protests, hunger strikes and camp-ins are being billed in mainstream media outlets as demonstrations. Wrong. These students and members of faculty joining in are Hamas Nazi sympathizers openly advocating for a second Holocaust. Instead of committing to “never again.” Their mantra is, “maybe this afternoon.” This is evil. This is demonic. This is unacceptable.

The irony they are either ignorant of or refuse to acknowledge is that they would be put down immediately and permanently if they were in Gaza or Judea and Samaria right now. The group promoting themselves as “Queers for Palestine” is perhaps the most unaware. The culture they march in support of throws homosexuals off the roofs of buildings to their death. I am not talking about the rank-and-file terrorists. These are the citizens living in these areas.

The protests began in Ivy League schools where the children of the well-connected and prosperous attend. How much are they, “Down for the struggle?” Well, a spokesperson for the ‘klan’ at Columbia University complained the university was not providing them with three meals a day and all the double-shot Cappuccinos they wanted. These are students who “paid for a meal plan” and the university was not following through. Well, you agreed not to destroy university property and assault Jewish students. So, there’s that.

Students virtue signaling at other universities engaged in hunger strikes. After a few days they began complaining about….wait for it….being hungry. Hamas, Hezbollah, the Palestinian Authority and other terrorist organizations are so proud of their solidarity. These are exactly the mindless drones they are looking for to strap bombs to themselves, blow themselves up while the leaders live it up in Qatar.

Part of our constitutionally protected freedom of speech is the ability to demonstrate intelligence but also ignorance. That does not grant permission to commit violence against other people, destroy taxpayer-funded or others’ personal property or block public roadways  It also does not mean you can call for the genocide of an entire ethnic class. If you declare, “We are Hamas” you should be treated as such. I haven’t heard of chartered flights full of these self-righteous culture warriors headed for Rafah to support their brothers-in-arms. I wonder why?

Feeding and feeding on this evil is the Biden Administration. A day after Joe Biden delivered a speech on Holocaust Remembrance Day he halted arms shipments to Israel to defeat Hamas. For all the claims of supporting democracy, the Biden Administration seems intent ofn undercutting the only democracy in the Middle East. The White House and many on the Left pay lip-service to the rise of anti-Semitism in America and in the next breath war about Islamophobia to draw a false moral equivalence.

Why is this happening?

The anti-establishment counterculture activists of the 1960’s are in control of these institutions. Now, they ARE the establishment. We are in the third generation of learning about “social studies” instead of “civics.” The public school system is focused on training “social justice warriors” instead of equipping students with the knowledge they need to become productive members of society. God has been forced from public life. It is said, “Nature abhors a vacuum.” Big government is all too happy to fill the space.

There are signs the tide is turning. Public outcry is forcing many universities to act and restore order on their campuses. Republicans and increasing numbers of Democrats are speaking against these displays of hate and anti-Semitism. State government officials are pushing universities and municipalities to act. Legislation to defund public universities that stay silent and refuse to protect all their students has been introduced. States with executives who lead effectively do not have widespread issues. When they do, these outbursts are met swiftly and effectively. Florida and Iowa come to mind.

What does this have to do with Convention of States Action? EVERYTHING!

This is why our primary mission is to educate the public and show people how to be self-governing citizens. Many issues we face today are results of a societal attitude to let someone else worry about an issue. Leaving decisions that affect our lives to others rarely produces long-term positive outcomes. What is harmful to the individual is eventually harmful to society.

People are hungry for the truth. People are hungry to learn First Principles. Most people know the difference between right and wrong and act accordingly. Most people do know the difference between a man and a woman. (Those who claim otherwise are doing so to advance a Marxist agenda) Most people understand Western Civilization is under a direct threat. Too many do not know what to do to fight back.

It starts with God. Our country needs a political revival and return to First Principles. I am convinced this will not happen without a religious revival as well. Benjamin Franklin understood this. When the delegates at the 1787 Convention had reached an impasse on several issues critical to drafting an effective governing document, he made his ”Appeal to Heaven.” Franklin pointed out when faced with the weighty topics they were debating, they had traditionally prayed to God for guidance. It was after that appeal that the 1787 Convention began each day with a prayer. The remainder of the proceedings were still contentious with spirited debates but the delegates were able to draft a governing document that has stood for 237 years. Not bad.

What can we do?

We must endlessly pursue Absolute Truth. We must know our Constitution and why it was drafted the way it was. We must boldly advocate for our Founding Principles and encourage our friends and neighbors to do the same. We must humble ourselves before God.

Restoring our republic, our Constitution and promoting individual liberty is our duty. Volunteering with Convention of States Action is a great way to accomplish these goals. I also encourage you to take the classes offered by our partners at Patriot Academy to learn about the richness of our history. Their Biblical Citizenship classes show how to be a faithful citizen in the world today.  Hundreds of our volunteers host Patriot Academy classes. Connect with them by being part of the Convention of States Action family. Links to these resources are below.

In liberty,



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