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Brett's Blog: Monday, March 27, 2023 - The Urge to Surge

Published in Blog on March 26, 2023 by Brett Sterley, State Director, Convention of States Missouri

One of the best aspects of being a Convention of States Action (COSA) volunteer is fellowship. Zoom calls have dominated the last couple years, but today, the opportunity to meet face-to-face is once again invigorating. The COSA is a virtual nationwide organization, so Zoom calls will continue. But local breakfasts, constitution coffees, fairs and other events are back in full swing.

Traveling to the Capitol to meet with our legislators is an activity critical to the success of our organization. More importantly, it’s a requirement of being a self-governing citizen. Our 2023 Capital Surge Day has come and gone. Yet, there are countless other activities where you can meet with fellow COS patriots, make new friends, and encourage others to become informed patriot activists. 

This year’s Missouri COS Capitol Surge Day was held on February 15. Going to the Capitol takes a considerable effort. So, if you can only come to the Capitol on one day when the Assembly is in session, make it our Surge Day. The experience is invaluable. 

This year, our exhibit was set up in the 3rd Floor Rotunda on the House Chamber side. We distributed lots of COS material to the public and engaged in dozens of conversations. (It didn’t hurt that we had dozens of glazed doughnuts from Schulte’s Market too!) 

Our ‘goal of the day’ was to distribute Surge packets to every legislator’s office. Each packet contained recent polling information showing majority support across the political spectrum for an Article V convention of states meeting. Included was a status update of where the Convention of States Project currently stands as well as a COS Pocket Guide. This handy little reference describes the Article V process, its historical background, answers to objections, and a list of national endorsers. 

Our volunteer team distributed these packets to all 163 Representatives. The team would have handed out packets to all 34 Senators as well, if their absent-minded State Director (me) hadn’t left them at my office. The information in these packets is very important – at least as important as the face-to -face meetings our volunteers had with legislators and their staff. Visiting legislators can be intimidating. So, one or more experienced volunteers accompany our new people until they’re comfortable themselves. Most of the time we work in pairs. Nothing makes me happier than a new volunteer saying to me, “Thank you for your help. I can do this on my own now.”

The Missouri COS Team has built a stellar reputation in Jefferson City. It’s been said numerous times that our team is the most knowledgeable, professional and courteous group that’s consistently at the Capitol. This includes lobbying groups that are paid to lobby the legislature. We’ve earned this reputation because of your hard work. 

Please note that our Missouri Convention of States Action Team has several upcoming events this spring and summer. So, get involved! We plan to exhibit at the Ozark Empire Fair in Springfield and the Missouri State Fair in Sedalia. These large multi-day events require several volunteers to staff our booth, and they’re great opportunities to interact with the public, share The Framers’ solution to unconstitutional government and fellowship with each other. Stay tuned for more information on these and other upcoming events and activities. 

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