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Big Red Volunteers Rally at the Nebraska Capitol

Published in Blog on January 12, 2018 by Joe Stephans

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On January 9, Convention of States Nebraska volunteers and supporters arrived at the capitol in Lincoln to serve as citizen lobbyists and to remind their senators they represent the second house in Nebraska.

The turnout for the surge and press conference was the best yet. The Nebraska team engaged all 49 state senators throughout the day, providing educational material to each senator.  

Here's full video of the press conference.

One America News also reported on our event. The host of The Daily Ledger, Graham Ledger, conveyed how we need to melt the phone lines of our senators. Write and call your senators now.  

Watch his report here.

Here are some the pictures from the press conference.

Supporting Senators

Mark Meckler, Senator Halloran, David McPhillips

Senator Brewer

Jim McGinnis and Dennis Nourse

Rick Hancock

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Joe Stephans

Bellevue, NE