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Published in Blog on February 03, 2018 by Suzy Turbenson

From Joe Torelli, COS Minnesota District Captain for HD 33B. 

At our local precinct caucuses this Tuesday, February 6, Minnesota voters have the opportunity to directly participate in how our election process operates.

We are among a handful of states that still has an opportunity for neighborhood involvement in who will run in November to represent your district as State Representative and as Governor in St. Paul, as well as two U.S. Senate seats and one U.S. House seat in Washington.

Article V Convention of States is non-partisan. We urge you to participate in either the Democrat Caucus or the Republican Caucus on Tuesday evening. Our mission affects all Americans . We want our state legislatures to reduce the stranglehold on our states by the Washington power brokers, be they elected members of Congress or the K-Street lobbyists.

Despite this being what is called a “mid-term” election, our local precinct caucuses are very important in how Minnesota’s legislature is formed and how those elected officials make their decisions.

As a result of having signed the Article V Convention of States petition, which was forwarded to your district’s State Representative and State Senator to show your interest in passing legislation in St. Paul, you have an opportunity Tuesday evening that others may not know about.

In addition to voting in the straw poll for Governor, whether you caucus with the Democrats or Republicans, you also can consider running to become a Senate District Delegate.

To someone unfamiliar with the political process, the local precinct caucus every two years is the grass roots entry point to have your voice heard. This can help determine which candidate your Senate district “endorses” to run in November against the candidate from the other party for State Representative.

At the Senate District Convention you can consider to run for Congressional District Delegate, which could provide you with an opportunity to choose who runs from that party for one the eight U.S. House of Representative seats in Washington.

You have a voice. You could become a delegate to the Democrat or Republican State Convention. You could decide who will be our U.S. Senators.

This Tuesday, the local candidates themselves will either make a statement in person at the caucus, or will have someone read a letter to caucus attendees. Candidates for Governor and US Senate are challenged trying to get to so many caucus locations, but many State Representative candidates will visit precinct caucuses and make a short statement.

There may be a question period provided and among your opportunities could be to ask if that candidate supports the Article V Convention of States.

To find out details on the Democrat and Republican Caucus locations and times on February 6th, please go to this link which will prompt you to enter your address.

We urge civic involvement and look forward to advancing Article V Convention of States. Please attend your local precinct caucus on Tuesday.

Be sure to submit our COS Resolution at your caucus to show your support, the wording can be found here.

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