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Are our politicians really concerned about us?

Published in Uncategorized on August 10, 2020 by Thomas Ward

Why are politicians suddenly concerned about our health?

There are indications that wearing a mask is useless in preventing the spread of the Chinese virus.

There has been a big increase in depression, suicides, drug addiction, domestic violence, etc. since the mask-wearing mandates by our state puppets, I mean governors.

There are also indications that wearing a mask causes facial acne in the areas covered by the mask, ear irritations from the elastic loops, an increase in moisture trapped in the lungs, throat and mouth; bad breath associated with the mouth moisture, liver disease from a decreased oxygen intake and CO2 retention in the blood stream, etc.

Yet our government is SO concerned with our health.

It’s odd that they are concerned about our physical health but not our economic health. Congress took another vacation rather than push through a package for the economic support of the people during this time of medical ‘crisis’. It took Trump to extend unemployment benefits and provide temporary payroll tax relief.

Where in the Constitution does it mention that the government is responsible for our physical health?

A wise man once said that he who controls the narrative wins the game.

How much longer are we going to let them control the narrative?


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