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ACTION: Email these Utah Senators

Draft by Laura Scala

Last week, we announced a nationwide call to action, asking citizens to contact members of the Utah Senate.

The grassroots responded in a major way.

Each Senator received thousands of emails. They were begging for mercy.

But they still refused to act courageously and hold a re-call vote on the Convention of States resolution.

Remember, the Utah Senate’s motto for this session is “federalism” - yet they tossed out the only resolution that would bring power back to the states and force Washington, D.C. inside its constitutional box.

Many Senators, unfortunately, fell victim to misinformation campaigns by a small but persistent group of anti-constitutionalists.

These right wing anti-constitutionalist groups are now parroting the same talking points as left wing Soros funded groups, all intended to maintain the status quo and balance of power in D.C.

So we have one final request, will you contact the Senators below who all voted “no”, and send them a simple message like the one below?

All eyes across the nation were on Utah last week when you voted NO on passing HJR 3 Joint Resolution Calling for a Convention to Propose Amendments to the Constitution of the United States.

We looked to Utah to be a leader and we were extremely disappointed when your resolution did not pass.

If anyone should understand the overreach of the federal government, it should be Utah. Bears Ears, Air quality, Obamacare and Education are just a few of the halting state issues that have been undermined by the heavy hand of the federal government in Utah.

We feel your pain and were hoping you would join our efforts to relieve our pain too. We will be working hard to pass this resolution in our own states in 2017 and look forward to your help in passing the COS Resolution in 2018.

Name Email Call/Text
Anderegg, Jacob L. (R) janderegg@le.utah.gov 801-901-3580
Bramble, Curtis S. (R) curt@cbramble.com 801-361-5802
Buxton, D. Gregg (R) gbuxton@le.utah.gov 801-707-7095
Christensen, Allen M. (R) achristensen@le.utah.gov 801-782-5600
Dabakis, Jim (D) jdabakis@le.utah.gov 801-815-3533
Davis, Gene (D) gdavis@le.utah.gov 801-647-8924
Dayton, Margaret (R) mdayton@le.utah.gov 801-221-0623
Escamilla, Luz (D) lescamilla@le.utah.gov 801-550-6434
Harper, Wayne A. (R) wharper@le.utah.gov 801-566-5466
Hemmert, Daniel (R) dhemmert@le.utah.gov 801-380-8262
Henderson, Deidre M. (R) dhenderson@le.utah.gov 801-787-6197
Iwamoto, Jani (D) jiwamoto@le.utah.gov 801-580-8414
Mayne, Karen (D) kmayne@le.utah.gov 801-232-6648
Millner, Ann (R) amillner@le.utah.gov 801-900-3897
Stephenson, Howard A. (R) hstephenson@le.utah.gov 801-815-6800
Weiler, Todd (R) tweiler@le.utah.gov 801-599-9823

Send them emails individually, or click the button below to email them all at once!





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