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A doctor asks: Was Obamacare designed to fail?

Published in Blog on July 18, 2017 by Convention Of States Project

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The following excerpt was written by Dr. Jeffrey I. Barke and published on The Hill.

As ObamaCare’s troubles mount, I’ve heard my patients and my peers in healthcare ask: How could the law’s authors not have seen this coming?

For my part, I think a different question needs to be asked: What if they did? What if ObamaCare was purposely designed to fail?

Every day, it seems like there are a dozen new headlines about the crisis facing ObamaCare. Premiums are rising faster than ever. Meanwhile, health insurance companies are abandoning the law’s exchanges left and right, unable to compete in the top-down, regulation-driven environment created by the law. Less than three years into its implementation, the law has never looked so precarious.

This vindicates the critics who have predicted these outcomes for years. They were laughed out of the room when they said the law would enter into a “death spiral,” but now that looks like an inevitability. Even the law’s most ardent defenders — including its namesake, President Obama — are calling for serious reforms to stop the law from imploding. Inevitably, the solutions they demand are more regulation, more government, more top-down control of Americans’ health care.

Then again, that may have always been the plan. It now seems to me that ObamaCare’s creators weren’t blind to what they were doing — they were playing a long game that is just now coming to fruition.

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It's true -- whatever the intentions of the law's creators, more government intervention will not clean up the mess Obamacare has created. Unfortunately, every problem looks like a nail to the federal sledgehammer. Our federal officials are a one-trick pony -- if there's a problem, they'll try using a new law or regulation to fix it.

Only one solution can keep this from happening: an Article V Convention of States. A Convention of States can clarify poorly interpreted portions of the Constitution to make it clear that federal meddling in the American healthcare system is unconstitutional. Click here for more information.

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